Sunday, October 30, 2016

IT Pro TV Open House

I've just returned from the IT Pro TV "Open House" on October 27th in Gainesville, Florida. It was a fantastic opportunity to finally meet the hosts and staff of IT Pro TV, as well as their new location with five studios. In a moment, I'll show some of the pictures I took both before and during the event. But what better way than to let IT Pro TV's own Don Pezet give you a guided tour to start things off?

As a further interactive experience, I took VR photos of the "Command Center" and all five studios for viewing in a headset like the Mattel View-Master I reviewed almost exactly a year ago. Download the image to your phone having the Google Cardboard app, and they should be listed in the Photosphere area.

The "Command Center", with Wes, Cherokee, and my friend James Ortega

Studio 1

Studio 2 (Who is that on the video monitor?)

Studio 3

Studio 4, with James and Don talking

 Studio 5

For regular photos within the studio area, here are details that have been in front of the cameras in the past, are now, and behind the scenes:

The old Studio 1 backdrop, being readied for re-use

The new Studio 2 backdrop that replaced it

The Leo Laporte bobblehead (more on Leo in a moment)

Close-up of the PTZ cameras underneath the studio monitors

Elsewhere within the building is very nice, here are the walls you also see in the video tour:

And the arcade:

Don's office is the informal "Studio 6", set up with cameras and microphones. Do you know of anyone else with acoustic absorption panels on the wall? Does anyone recognize the portrait on the wall?

On to the celebration:

Lisa and Leo Laporte of TWiT were at the IT Pro TV Open House, here is my friend James Ortega and myself with Leo:

I had a great time, and I look forward to returning to the studios in the future!