Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What I Watch...

I have other topics pending, but I thought this would be a good place to mention what I watch (and how I watch) online to keep abreast with technology. These shows are "live-streaming" - that means only the delay in the mechanism to get the content to you, and that there is a "chat" area that is running at the same time for communication with the instructors or hosts. All of the sources I mention here also preserve that content for later display - for the wider audience that may not be able to tune in at the time.

The first is also the most active - IT Pro TV broadcast from Gainsville, Florida. Currently with two studios, they are moving to a new location that will have a full FIVE studios this Fall. Besides web access, there is also apps for Apple iOS devices, Amazon's FireTV platform, Roku streaming devices (my older Roku 2XS is able to be used, but not the first-generation units), and Android.

A free account is the required minimum to watch live content. Shows typically take a few days to be added to their course library, which is largely content that requires a subscription plan. IT Pro TV is focused on helping you achieve IT certification for the variety of courses offered.

Next is "TWiT", which stands for This Week in Technology, a large umbrella encompassing many shows broadcast from San Francisco. Primarily I watch Steve Gibson, a renown security expert, on his show Security Now (on Tuesday afternoons). Their channel for older Roku streaming players still works, and they also have a plug-in for the Kodi media player (which runs on a variety of platforms, including computers back to Windows Vista) if you don't want to just use your web browser.

Lastly, I watch the one-man show that is Professor Messer on YouTube. On Wednesdays (Noon, Eastern Time) at the start of a month he does live-streaming "study guides" relating to IT certifications. I've only tried using a web browser (not a device like Roku or FireTV that can run YouTube) to watch him.