Thursday, April 7, 2016

MightyText Chrome Extension

I've been heavily using a free Chrome extension called MightyText lately. Of course I have my Chromebox running during my workday, and it is easier responding to a notification that pops up on my screen rather than turning my phone's screen on, and selecting the notification there. It's also much easier to use a computer keyboard to type a lengthy message or send a link.

One nice feature is showing the battery charge level (and whether it is in the process of charging), and a notification when the charge is complete. Recently added is the feature to dial, as well as to ring your phone (in case you have misplaced it). For the more serious scenario of a lost phone that I need to lock, erase, or track, I use Google's own Android Device Manager.

Photos and videos are also automatically synchronized to the MightyText extension in your Chrome browser. So far, I've been satisfied with the free version, and haven't migrated to the more advanced features of the Pro upgrade (which is a reoccurring monthly cost of $3.33, or $39.99 annually).

The irony here is that MightyText is the latest Chrome extension I have. There is a handful of other Chrome extensions I find just as useful that I will list in more blog entries. Stay tuned!

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